JenBaby JenI was born in 1968, let’s say in to a tumultuous family, my birth father beat my mother and made my younger brother and I watch, the worst event was with the open end of a belt that he tore off his jeans, he made us watch. I still remember the sound of the buckles as it tore into her back. He took me that night, physically tearing me from her arms. Returned me to the street around 2am. I was 6 years old. I remember far too many details. My grandfather was my rock, he was my spiritual guidance. Born with a cleft lip (which simply means my lip was not joined to my nose) and five primary schools, simply means I learnt resilience. My mother essentially raised myself and my brother as a single mum, I learnt perseverance. We didn’t grow up with much, but we were very loved – isn’t that all that matters? I learnt the true meaning of the value of love. I have a technical school education, which means I can pop rivet like a pro! I married at 22 to a sad and angry man, who once threatened to kill me, my mother and stepfather. I divorced at 23. At 30 I married a lovely, kind, generous, beautiful man, who as it turned out was gay. Although together we had our first child when I 30, and our second when I was 35. In 2011 he told me he could no longer live with the lie. In that same year I attempted suicide. Like most things I do, I did a very good job. Three days in a public psychic ward and a month in a private psychic hospital. I had my demons. I learnt tenacity. I learned to love myself.

That is all sounding very morbid though! And my life is far from that now. I am very happily living my life in country Victoria, Australia. I am surrounded by beautiful friends, amazing children Jacob, Alyssa, Georgia and Josie and a truly remarkable man whom I absolutely love and adore. And my other great love of my life (besides spirituality) is my animals. Life is very sweet and filled with Joy.

John and IKidsHorses






My grandfather (Pop), as I said was my spiritual rock. The one man in my life I could always count on. One of my most special memories as a young girl was going to my Great Grandma’s house every Sunday for a lunch time roast (not sure Great Grandma would cope now seeing as I’m a vegetarian and my family comes from a great line of butchers!). After our lunch we had a cup of tea. Now, I never particularly liked the tea, however “if I drank it all” Pop would read my tea leaves. This, this was worth drinking tea for!! He taught me about Palm Reading, talked to me about things I’d never heard of before, mystery and sparkles danced in his eyes whenever he spoke to me about this new untapped world. It all just made sense. Life was beginning to have meaning.

My Pop passed away when I was 22. A couple of years before he died he gave me an old pack of tarot cards – specifically called cartomancy cards. My Grandfather did like to embellish some of his stories (as all good grandparents do!) However when he gave me the cards he told me a story. He said “when I was about your age, an old Gypsy woman gave me these cards and she said to me ‘keep these and one day you will give them to someone who will share them with more people that you can imagine’, his eyes twinkled as he spoke”. I was 17 at the time and thought hmmm, ok that must mean I will read for my friends at school, Pop surely can’t know that many people! Little did I know, that these cards would go on to become the corner stone of NAS and be seen by hundreds of thousands if not a couple of million people all over this beautiful world. Today NAS gets visitors from literally every corner of the planet. Including China, Russia, India and even Islands I’ve never heard of.

In 1999 my ex husband and I created It was the perfect coupling my love of spirituality and his love of everything IT. became an extension of me. I started a fairly huge learning curve then too. I studied everything metaphysical that I could get my hands on. I am a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Astrologer and Tarot Reader, I travelled the world seeking out great teachers and have been truly blessed to have spent one on one time with Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Dispenza and the ever charming Jack Canfield (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul). I love learning and travelling, I have also been blessed to witness the majesty of the Northern Lights and the humbling experience of travelling through India. I wonder where my next journey will take me?

Here I am nearly 17 years later and the site has had many changes over the years. My promise is to continue to make it the very best version of itself it can be, Isn’t that the same promise we should make to ourselves too?


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