If you’ve heard or done any of Joe Dispenza‘s work you will be aware of how important immersing yourself into your visualisations to truly create and manifest the life you were born to live is.

What you think, what you feel and what you manifest is always a match, every single time. Esther Hicks

One of the keys to being able to let the universe know what you want is imagination, or more importantly visualisation. Using your imagination shifts your actual cells into the same place – have you ever day dreamed so intently that when you “awoke” for even just a brief moment you weren’t entirely sure what was real and what was not? As this image depicts Imagination + Belief enables you to create and become that which you dreamed, then with Faith and of course Love you will be able manifest your wildest dreams to come true.

To be able to implant the seed of what you want into your subconscious you need to first built a picture in your conscious mind of exactly what it looks like. This is sometimes easier said than done, as an example if your goal is to get recognition through winning an award of some sort then you need to build a picture in your head of actually receiving the award:

  • What are you wearing?
  • Are you standing on the left or the right side?
  • What does the award look like?
  • How heavy is it?
  • Where is the photographer standing?
  • Can you feel the heat from the spotlights?
  • Can you hear the crowd clapping?

There’s more to it than just seeing the award, you have to ‘feel’ the experience in your conscious mind.

So here’s an exercise, read through the next paragraph then set aside 3 minutes and see if you can complete the task.

Imagine yourself standing in a field, see the blue sky, feel the breeze on your face.  There’s a small hill to your left and creek to your right.  Walk slowly to the tree, watch the birds above the tree circle around each other, hear them chirping to each other.  As you walk into the shade of the tree you can feel the temperature change and smell the bark of the tree.  You sit on the ground near the tree and hear the grass give way for you, and you feel the grass between your fingers.  Finally you pull a fresh red apple out of your bag and take a huge bite.  What else can you see?  What else can you hear?  What else can you feel and smell and taste?

Here’s another exercise, this time on owning your dream car.

Imagine yourself seated in your dream car, see your hands in front of you clasping the steering wheel. The logo gleams out at you. Feel the wheel in your hand, the textures, the smooth surface, the finger grips. Feel how the seat contours to your body. Smell in that beautiful fresh car scent. You’re driving a familiar stretch of road, it’s in the the country, the sun is shining on you through your sun roof, the air is crisp and fresh. Feel your feet on the pedals. Feel how the car handles, the sounds, the smells, the noises.

This is a great exercise to get your brain working, it’s something that we did as children all the time but almost never do today.  Try it every day for 5 days and you’ll find that the experience becomes richer each time.  This is the skill you can then use to REALLY visualise your goal.  In the same way that you use your senses today to experience the environment around you, those senses are just as active in your mind and the more you can ‘experience’ achieving your goal the faster you will get there.

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Special thanks to my angel girlfriend for the use of her image here – how beautiful is this card?! Keep an eye out as they’ll be available for sale, very soon xx

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