Life tip: If you’re having trouble making a decision or are fogged up by all that is going around you, then simply do a reading for someone else. The bonus is two fold. I read all the time and one of the ‘things’ I pay attention to is what is going on around me when I sit down to read. Are the dogs barking, kids noisy, television/music blaring. These are all indicators of what is happening in the persons life. It is actually really cool, how it works. Hence why I believe that we are all incredibly connected – let’s face it we all come from the exact same star dust! I have just finished a reading for a friend. I typed it all out for – it was longer than I expected, I never read what I have typed straight away – I simply allow the messages to flow. Then (because I’m a wee bit of a perfectionist) I go back and fix up the typo’s/grammar. This time as I was told to read the reading – actually as if it was for me and wow – it was very very accurate. Very much about what is going on in my life. I do hope it resonates with her, moreover – I hope she tells me if it does not and and I will do another reading – as then, the reading obviously was for me, not her! Which I would find very funny the Universe has the most amazing sense of humour 😀


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